Erosion and ectopia of the cervix – why are such diagnoses dangerous?

It seems that there is not a single woman who has not heard the word “erosion” at least once at a gynecologist’s appointment. The frequency of occurrence of this term is largely determined by the fact that people far from medicine denote any damage to the tissues of the cervix. Let us find out what true erosion is and why it is referred to the background processes of oncology development.

Set boundaries
True erosion of the cervix is ​​a bright red damaged surface of the cervix that can produce blood on contact. The affected area is localized most often at the junction of the cervix and the cervical canal. In medical textbooks, erosion is referred to as a defect in the epithelium (the surface layer of cells lining the mucous membranes) with exposure of subepithelial (connective) tissue (stroma). This process is dangerous primarily because, against the background of damage in the tissues, inflammation, edema occurs. According to statistics, the detection of true erosion is 10% of the diseases of the cervix. In everyday life, the term “erosion” is often referred to as another pathology – ectopia. In this case, the doctor determines the areas where the epithelial cells of the cervix have been replaced by structures normally lining the cervical canal. Erosion and ectopia refer to background diseases of the cervix, which means the risk of degeneration of pathology into a malignant tumor in the presence of unfavorable factors.

Find out the reasons
A large number of different triggers can provoke pathological changes in the tissues of the cervix. Among them are hereditary predisposition, age-related changes occurring in a woman’s body, injury to the cervix during sexual intercourse or during a gynecological examination, and various medical procedures. Also, daily stress, bad habits, weakening the defenses and increasing the risks of penetration and reproduction of harmful microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, also make their negative contribution. By the way, the habit of postponing preventive visits to the doctor for an indefinite period is also very dangerous. Experts do not tire of repeating that the prerequisites for the development of malignant tumors of the cervix are always created by the previous, not cured diseases of the female genital area in time.

Understand the diagnosis
Often no negative symptoms are associated with erosion, it does not hurt. There are no sensitive receptors on the cervix. Pathologists can indirectly indicate the presence of:

spotting after intercourse,
an increase in the amount of leucorrhoea.
To clarify the diagnosis, determine the nature of tissue changes – erosion or ectopia, the doctor should conduct an extended colposcopy. This is the most effective method for examining the epithelium. By the way, modern devices, in particular the expert-level device Karl Kaps SOM 52, make it possible to establish the presence of even very small foci of changes in the structure of the cervix. Of course, not every clinic has innovative medical technology. We can say for sure that Karl Kaps SOM 52 is installed in a special diagnostic room in the Clinic of Modern Technologies (KST), which is located in the center of Moscow, on Bolshoy Golovin Lane.

Before starting rehabilitation treatment, the gynecologist must also carry out a differential diagnosis of cervical erosion with hard chancre (syphilis), exclude the diagnosis of cervical cancer.

Dispel myths
Erosion treatment is associated with many misconceptions that women share with each other whenever possible.

Myth No. 1 “Erosion does not need to be treated, it is a natural condition, and it will heal by itself, you don’t even need to go to a doctor.”

Indeed, some types of erosion: inflammatory, burn, traumatic heal on their own within 1-2 weeks. But, this can happen only if there is no infectious lesion, hormonal disruptions. In other cases, you cannot do without the help of a competent specialist. Anti-inflammatory, antiviral, hormonal therapy can be indicated along with special methods for restoring the mucous membrane.

Myth No. 2 “Treatment of erosion is dangerous, it is better to live with it than to agree to a surgical intervention.”

At the beginning of erosion treatment, the doctor will most likely give preference to conservative treatment methods. But if the damage is large, there are risks of cell degeneration, there are hereditary prerequisites for cancer, the gynecologist will offer low-traumatic methods of surgical removal of erosion. These include:

Laser coagulation It is based on the use of infrared light concentrated in a beam, leading to the evaporation of tissues. One of the most innovative and modern devices for manipulation is a CO2 laser. The KST clinic is also equipped with it.
Radio wave surgery. With the help of the “Surgitron” apparatus, erosion is cauterized. It is also possible to take a biopsy to eliminate the risks of cancer. The technique is recognized as less traumatic, rarely causes bleeding.

Myth # 3 “Erosion always reappears.”

If concomitant diseases are cured and measures are taken to prevent repeated damage to the mucous membrane of the cervix, there may not be. To prevent relapse, it is necessary to undergo regular preventive examinations with a gynecologist, follow the doctor’s prescriptions.